The Real Reason Behind More Female Engagement On Social Media

To remain active on social media has become an essential part of every one of us namely for both men and women. Instagram is gaining more popularity now-a-days as it serves as a platform of image-sharing network.  Fact is that its users have become almost 30 million more than Twitter 68 per cent of its users is female. This comparison between the two sites does not provide a basis of misconception that Instagram is bigger than twitter.

It only is intended to serve a purpose of making it clear to users how fast it has grown. Basically one thing to remember about instagram is that it is owned by Facebook. Who knew it would soon become a way to stay connected to masses or friends other way round and celebrities whom one only fancies in furniture of one’s air? But gender imbalance on instagram leads to a question why men are seen to be less addicted to instagram and women more?


When it comes to expressing a woman love for her family, friends, better half, she is always at her fullest to let herself say whatever is needed by the moments. They are more habitual to post where they spend time? What they did? How much she love him?

And what they are about to eat? Men don’t feel like sharing such minor details on instagram women are more open when it comes to express how they feel. Male are less confident in expressing their loyalty to special ones on sites.


Women are thought to be more conscious about how they look most particularly in photos they have taken to get hundreds of likes on their very favorite  site, instagram. So they always need to know how people reacted about their appearances. How they are being appreciated for their fashion sense. Women like to take more selfies than men which in turn pulls them to instagram.


As per studied by FollowersIn, women are more engaged with what is going on around in fashion world as always aspiring to become a fashionista of her social arena so are obvious to be found mostly on instagram. They are more conscious of brands as compared to the other majority of population hence become an important part of promoting one not only in her circle but  attracting male members too which serves also a  purpose of advertisement for that brand.


From time to time different contour tutorials uploaded on instagram let women learn new techniques in makeup trends and to gather inspiration from faces all around the world. Hence women approach instagram more to learn less-traditional more fresh and unique make up trends. Not only this there is much more she does on instagram as she can purchase her skincare products on instagram online. Instagram has thrown brick-and-mortar shopping and even online browsing to the past through in-app purchasing making it reliable for women to tend more and more towards instagram.

Amazing Hidden Features of Social Media You Did Not Know

Social media are one of the most used platforms on the internet. People connect to the world on social media. They talk share and connect with people. Due to the social media word global village has found its proper meaning. People who are using the social media consider themselves as the expert on the platform, but they are many features that people barely know about. These features are very useful for the daily users. Here is a list of the useful features and how they are affecting the market.

The un-follower

The big platform Twitter is all about its follower. People who have huge followership are considered to be gods of the internet. Everyone wants to be famous, so people pay a lot of attention on their follower count. But most of the Twitter users doesn’t know about a feature that which tells about who unfollowed the account. This particular feature can be available by using different social media managing application. But it’s better not to keep a track people who have unfollowed the account for certainly unacceptable reasons.

Save option on Facebook

Whenever there is something to read on Facebook most user open it in another tab and leave it for the time being till they release that’s what they wanted to read. Facebook has now provided an option where people can save the post. Once the post is saved it can be read later for many numbers of times. This helps as there are many posts on a Facebook. The important ones sometimes get misplaced. Saving the post will help the user to address the post later. This is an option that is visible on the top corner of the post but is highly ignored by the normal users.

Linkedin unconnected message

If someone wants to contact the person on LinkedIn he has to connect first then leave a message. Now the connection on LinkedIn can remain pending for a while. But there is a way around for this problem. The person who is not connected on Linked can directly be contacted. First, the users have to find which of the groups that person has joined. After joining that group, he needs to find out the post that they have left in the group. The user can reply privately to that post hence getting the work done. Many people would consider this as a stalker work. But this is thousand times better than waiting for months for people to get connected and opportunity might be missed.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram followers can easily be attained. One option is to follow them and then request them to follow you in return. While the second option is to buy Instagram likes and get viral fast.

While there is some good third party application that can show how many messages posts and shares does a user on social media does. These applications do cost a lot. But they do the work authenticated. These applications are easily available on a monthly basis. A Little understanding of this application is required since they provide in-depth features. Like how many pictures does a user post in a month on different platforms?





Healthy Food Choices

You may have heard a million times before, but let me say it again. Having healthy food choices can have a lot of values ​​in our lives every day. This is a sure way to prevent and avoid many deadly diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, and even diabetes. Having healthy food choices also eventually improve attention, memory and mental ability for us to succeed in life.

How can we make this kind of choice between foods? Note that to measure the exact amount of food you are taking. Also, it is also necessary to be familiar with all the best parts of the meal we have every day. Although a sad thing to note here is that because of the full agenda and sets, which tend to be picky about the food we eat. We eat only what is at hand and, and instantly. In fact, for some people, eating at home has been a story that already in the past; history long was forgotten.

What they do is go out to dinner and go to fast food chains that are growing in number these days. What they do not realize is they are doing a strange routine of taking in food that may be infected and over time can damage your digestive organ. The act of ordering food to save time replace the need to eat healthy and safe food.

An important issue here is self-control. If we want to live a healthy life, we need to know how to limit and control the decisions we make, especially if it is to have healthy choices in food. We need to have a balanced life. If you do not eat fresh and healthy foods then you can face appendix killer pain but before this time you need to know what side is your appendix on.

The following are some of the reasons why we should make healthy food choices. Check them out and see if what you are doing is even the right thing.

  1. We need to provide all chemicals farewell. Read the labels on the foods we eat can help do that. We have to give our family just what certainly deserve-no preservatives that will only jeopardize your health.
  2. Savor the flavor of his willingness to healthy foods at home. Let your family enjoy the fresh taste of vegetables and fruits. Learn to add flavor, too. Fresh green beans are flavored, so you do not need to exert much effort. There are a lot of options that you can always choose; they certainly have the taste that your family will eat.
  3. Healthy food choices will help make you live longer visit Problems with obesity and overweight will be reduced if people will learn to eat properly. Obesity is raising the danger and strain on your heart. This will cause your heart to work twice as hard as you normally do. Eating healthy will make you feel better and give you more energy.