Social Media Marketing

In an age when technology and social media dominate, proper use of these wonderful inventions is crucial for success. When used properly, social media can be an unparalleled tool for marketing and networking. For professionals in the acting business, an active social media presence is crucial. Actors can communicate with potential employers such as producers and casting directors via social media. Because of this possibility, it is important for actors to maintain a positive appearance on these platforms. If an actor is constantly complaining about unimportant personal problems on his Twitter, when a casting director looks him up they will see that side of him. This does not give a very good impression and could potentially cost him a job. On the other hand, an actor who uses his Twitter to promote projects and connect with fans will be looked upon much more favorably.

Crafting a Profile

There are many factors to consider when creating a social media profile. On Twitter, many followers will turn on notifications for certain people whom they follow. It is important to keep this in mind. Many people will want to keep these followers and have them continue to receive notifications. To do this, the followers must not feel overwhelmed. They do not want to receive twenty notifications each day from the same person. It is important to keep a moderate amount of posts. In the same way that some would be irritated by constant posting, others would be irritated with posts only once or twice a month.

On social media platforms such as Facebook that feature a profile page, this is a crucial first impression. A profile picture is meant to give followers an idea of the person whom they are following. A picture of a flower or a smiley face does no good here. The best option is a friendly-looking image of the person who runs the account. If it is an account for a company or organization, the icon or logo is a good choice. Cover photos are another opportunity for a taste of what the account is about. For actors, the cover photo is also an opportunity to promote a current project.


As previously mentioned, it is important to be mindful of the frequency of posts. The content is also important. For businesses, sponsored posts that clearly explain the business are useful in moderation. The occasional informational post will remind followers about the business, but when they become too frequent they are annoying or get tuned out. Periodically posting positive reviews is a good alternative. This reminds followers about the business without being repetitive. An added benefit of posting reviews is that it makes the reviewer feel included and valued. For individuals, followers want to be able to relate, so it is important to portray a certain level of humanity. Professionalism is also important, however. Content should be worth reading. Speaking up for a cause is different from complaining about an ex-girlfriend. Actors and other public figures can use their following to help others as well as for personal gains.

On many social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook, posts with pictures are more eye-catching than those that contain only text. Not all posts should include a picture, but they are beneficial when used appropriately. In the same vein, text posts that are too long (such as those that merit a “read more” button on Facebook) are easily overlooked. Followers want to read content, but only if it does not require extra effort or time. This is one way that social media has been a detriment to society. Attention spans, especially for posts on social media, are extremely short. If someone does not know what a post is about in the first three seconds of looking at it, chances are they will move on without reading the rest. Twitter is very good at avoiding this problem. The character limit attempts to keep posts short enough to be read consistently. There are ways to get around the limit (e.g. strings of tweets, screenshots of more text, etc.), but these methods should be used sparingly or these posts will also be passed over in favor of shorter ones.

Followers and Following

There truly is no one clear way to attain followers, but the aforementioned methods can help. Another thing to consider is who to follow. For actors, it is often beneficial to follow other industry professionals – other actors as well as producers, directors, and casting directors. If a director is thinking about casting an actor and discovers he already follows him on Twitter, that could give the actor an advantage, or at least cast him in a better light. Following people that could potentially become colleagues or industry contacts is always a good idea, even if they are not an actual friend or acquaintance. The lines here are a little blurry, but it is generally easier to follow someone on Twitter or Instagram than to try to get them to accept a friend request on Facebook. Many people feel that Facebook should be used for more personal matters while Twitter can be more professional, but this is completely a matter of personal preference.

Sponsorships and Product Promotion

Some celebrities use their posts to promote products or services. This is risky territory. While it may be lucrative to be paid by a company in return for featuring their product in a post, followers often see these posts only as advertisements and can find them annoying. The text that goes with a post such as this is important. When it simply states the name of the product or “I love it,” it appears to be an ad. Other times, a personal touch can make a post seem more like genuine excitement about the product (even if it really is an ad). Consider this (real) example: “This lip balm by winky_lux is amazing! It works with your natural pH to create the perfect shade of pink for you. And it has a flower in it mean how cute thanks to octoly for sending it to me to try and share my opinion!” The first two sentences alone would seem like an advertisement only. The personal touch comes in the excitement about the flower in it. While the caps lock can sometimes be perceived as shouting and unnecessary, this post seems more like she was actually excited about the product.

In conclusion, social media is a beneficial tool for marketing and networking, provided it is used in an exciting and professional manner.

The Significance of Food Security

All the people have food security when they have economical, physical, and social access to food that is nutritious, safe, and very sufficient to meet their need related to diet. It should be preferred for a healthy and active life. In this article, we will talk about the important elements of food security and its significance.

Elements of Food Security

Let’s discuss the elements of food security first. Food security has four elements that are linked to each other. These elements are

  • Availability

It is related to the supply and trade of food. The quality as well as its quantity and diversity are also included in it. Ensure proper and full availability of food a perfect farming system is required. The natural resources should be fully utilized and managed. More enhanced policies should be adapted to increases productivity.

  • Access

This element includes the physical and economical access of food. When we talk about improved access then it means that smallholders should have a proper market access and they are able to make more cash to buy crops and livestock.

  • Utilization

In this element the personal health of the person is considered and how his body is utilizing all the nutrients of food. The nutrition status of a person depends on many factors like their health, cooking method, the distribution of food in family, and the diversity of diet.

  • Stability

It is the most important element means you have food security all the time. It can be short-lived because of many reasons like change in the job, a bad session, increase in the price of food, and conflicts. Poor people suffer a lot when there is an increase in price because they are spending a major portion of their income on food.

Significance of Food Security

Food security is important because it is the basic human right. As per a world survey report, every one person in nine people goes hunger on daily basis. It is the need of the time to make great efforts to eliminate hunger. Since 1990 the number of hunger people in 209 million which is reducing continuously. Most of the countries are making outclass efforts to increase food security through Millennium Development Goals (MDG).

There are conflicts and natural disasters that are the main reason to trap people in hunger. Most of the effort is required to eliminate hidden hunger. It means when there is a deficiency of micronutrients in the body like iron, Zinc, and Vitamin. It is more dangerous for children if they don’t get micronutrients in early 1000 days of their life as it can be poor health and Low Productivity. Death can be caused it there is no food security.

Improving Food Security

Food security can be improved and increased by increasing GDP of the country. Making the agriculture system effective is also a good way to reduce poverty. If the agriculture yield is increased to 1% then it means that the number of people who live below USD 1 can be reduced to 1.2%. It is surely a great effort.

Social Media- the world for fund-raising

Breast Cancer- The Expensive Treatment

Breast cancer is one of a fatal disease; which was once believed to be uncured. The everyday inventions and discoveries in science, medicine, and technology proved to be helpful for bringing new drugs and chemo treatment for treating breast as well as many other and dangerous forms of cancers.

Unfortunately, due to lack of resources both financial and technical the treatment is not easily available for some people. Due to financial constraints, many poor and unprivileged patients are unable to get treatment and medicines for cancer.

The breast cancer treatment is very expensive. In most of the regions of the world, cancer hospitals are operational on funds and charities provided by the wealthy and socially secure people.

Here is a problem!

Most of the developing countries’ hospitals are not able to get maximum funds for the breast cancer treatments. What is the solution?

The solution is simplest. Social Media Fundraising!

Social Media Fund Raising

Social media is not only used for making friends globally. Social media serves great benefits to humanity. It is a platform through which people can exchange ideas, goods, relations, cultures and beliefs. The list is endless. It also serves the individuals for fund raising. Many social workers are using social media to increase fundraising for the patients of breast cancer. People commonly believe that breast cancer is a disease commonly found in females but the males are more prone to breast cancer and the ratio is higher than the man.

How to increase fundraising through Social Media?

Social media proves extraordinary helpful for getting charities and fundraisings. It expands the reach of fundraising campaigns as well as it promotes various talks and conversations regarding the severity of the breast cancer.

Social media increases awareness among people around the world about breast cancer. It also helps people to know the preventive measures that are useful against cancer.

There are certain actions and promotions like get maximum instagram followers from here through getting maximum fundraising from the social media. It takes a day or two expand the reach of the post. How many of you took the ice bucket channel last year?

It started with the Facebook and soon captures all the social networks. This is the power of social media and the internet which brings all the people in one place.

  1. Celebrity Endorsements

Celebrity endorsements play a major role in getting a huge amount of funds. Celebrity has a power to influence people to do something of great value.

  1. Jewelry and Ornaments

Remember the Livestrong band. Selling online bands and jewelry through sponsors is another way of getting increased number of funds for the treatment of breast cancer.

  1. Free online Sessions

 Fundraisers organize online sessions and seminars and can earn from the likes and pay per click on the videos and donate the money for the treatment of breast cancer patients.

  1. Online Auctions

Online sales of products benefit the firms and social workers to get the sufficient amount of funds for the cancer treatment. Social media is the hub for creating awareness among people. We hope that people utilize the social media in the best of its way.