How to increase basic reading skills with English games?

Playing RPG games

RPG games have great story line there is a lot of discussion between different characters of the game. when a conversation is initiated each character almost talks from five to six different lines of sentences. Thus RPG games help a player understand what the character in the game wants to say. Reading skill is an important skill that comes with reading lots of different sentences. Only players with good reading skills can learn advanced English. English is a language that has been favorite of many players because it comes to the common language between a player of different countries. Every player tries to talk in English hence English accent also improves. That is why the E-gaming environment is said to be the most learning environment.

Learning the Pronunciation of the characters name

English accent also improves when a player tries to pronounce each character name in the game. Often the character names are very difficult to pronounce. A good command over the English language is required to correctly pronounce the character name. the best part is that each character repeats his name when given direction or command by the users. Most of the player picks up the pronunciation of the character names in first three tries. Rest of the players develop understand of English over time hence they also achieve the goal of pronouncing the correctly over the years. Gaming might be a good path towards learning English skills over the years.

Playing Jumble words games – Run 3 unblocked

Jumble words are the most fun English learning games. Each player has to understand what could the word in given character. Each jumble word can lead towards the next jumble word. The game gets difficult as the time passes by hence makes the players think out of their word dictionary. Although sometimes players learn by getting low points and answering the wrong answers. When the player answer is wrong they are shown the right answer hence increasing their vocabulary. Jumble words were introduced as a cardboard game but nowadays it is used in the school quizzes and answer sheets. These games are so interacting and level of difficulty is present that teachers use them as the quizzes in the classes.

Reading the instruction of Run 3 online games

To play some high-end game one player has to go through long instructions. Sometimes instruction about how to run a character sometimes instructions are about how to use the special spells. For reading a player need to have a good amount of English reading skills. The reading skills also improve over time. Players get to understand lots of new words while reading these instructions. Instruction can be really tricky during games plays most of the player often have to visit twice or thrice to read the instructions.

Common chat during Unblocked Games 77

Since English is the universal language. All players try their level best o talk in English during the game plays. This improves the player’s game play and plus their understanding of the language. Chatrooms of games are very common these days and common language is English.

How to share stories on Twitter

Twitter is the one of the most used social media sites, that is very popular nowadays. It’s a way that has connected many people with their friends and family, even though if there are far away. Many youngsters are using this site mostly, it helps them to remain social. New inductions in Twitter have made this site more good and interesting.

Many businesses are using this site for their business purpose. They think its one of the best ways to promote their business products and services. Creating their own page help them to get more likes and comments. Nowadays many business owners buy Twitter followers for their account.

The collection of the videos and pictures that is developed by user, which appears for for 2 to 3 times in 24 hours and then disappear. Twitter stories have begun to rise in many countries. Twitter stories feature in Twitter apps, camera which allow the users to superimpose the fun filters and also the snap-chat. They can also add geolocation tags to their pictures and videos.

Many sites are also available from where you can buy Twitter followers for your account, this trend has been seen many business companies.

The way, stories work:

As simple they will appear on the top of the Twitter news feed. Just tap on friends circle on top to get it.

You can also reply with the direct message when viewing the story.

Add contents:

Approach to camera:

For a Twitter stories creation access to camera or swiping right on mobile Twitter is the way to do.

Your content:

It’s up to you, want you want share, a photo or video. Users of Twitter can share both photos and videos. Once you open the camera, you can record video or click a picture. On it there is also many filters available that can make your picture look more elegant and beautiful. By holding own the button, you can create the video as well.

Share the story:

When you are satisfied with your content, it is the time to share it. Tap your arrow in center select the “your story” and press the spend button. You can also send your Twitter stories to selected friends by sending them a direct message.

The post of your Twitter story will appear for only 24 hours and then disappear. This update is not available to all users, but is being tested in many countries. Twitter has become very popular,even many people buy Twitter followers from different sites.

These Twitter stories have encouraged people to use new original material. People start to use their own original content and images. Also increase in news articles and links also has been seen.

The Twitter stories have introduced the 24 hours stories concept which then disappears. Millions and billions of people use Twitter everyday and mostly  accept videos and pics of their friends and family. Twitter is much a wider network than the other social media site. Concept to buy Twitter followers has been increased.

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