What makes Word Game LIVE so much addictive app?

What makes Word Game LIVE so much addictive app to bring so many players together?

Description: it appears you are showing an interest in what makes Word Game LIVE so much addictive app to bring so many players together? In this post, you are likely to get all the information and answers relevantly.


There are many word games which become so many favorites for many players that they decide not to stick with them as much they are getting regular updates. Some games do not manage to bring people together to enjoy, but word game LIVE seems to broke the tradition and brings players from all around the world in one game. It is something that no would have ever thought, but it has become a reality. You can sit in your homes relax and play this one for hours and try to make high scores you want. It is a perfect insanely addicting game where more than thousands of people will play together and sometimes paired against some random opponents.

You can say that if loves to enjoy playing word cookies answers game then this brings whole new experience to the table that you should see for yourself and have endless fun. You can get access to so many different things and depended on your statistics you can get some high achievements to unlock as well.

word game live free

After saying this below we have listed some real facts of what makes word game LIVE so much addictive app to bring so many players together to help you understand what are the rules to play this one, how many levels this one offers at the moment, who is person behind its development, on which devices you can play it for free, does setting cheats will help you, and why you won’t want to miss this one.

  • What are the rules to play this one?

The rules are pretty simple to know, as you need to try to score higher than your opponents and try to make as much as words you can using your brain.

  • How many levels this one offers at the moment?

You have to be careful because it is time you should be worried. At this time the game offers more than 46 different boards and in ‘’word game LIVE all levels’’ you have to score higher to prevent others breaking it.

  • Who is the person behind its development?

This app developed by RJS tech solutions LLP who has so many incredible multiplayer games.

  • On which devices you can play it for free?

The game is available to play on Androids, IOS, and Mac books also PC’s as well (www.answerskey.com).

  • Does setting cheats will help you?

There will always a time comes when you can get confused or can’t find the right letters for that you can set ‘’word game LIVE cheats’’ to get some extra hints to solve puzzles.

  • Why you won’t want to miss this one?

Word game LIVE is specifically for those players who intends to play together online and want to score as high as they can to unlock new things.







The Real Reason Behind More Female Engagement On Social Media

To remain active on social media has become an essential part of every one of us namely for both men and women. Instagram is gaining more popularity now-a-days as it serves as a platform of image-sharing network.  Fact is that its users have become almost 30 million more than Twitter 68 per cent of its users is female. This comparison between the two sites does not provide a basis of misconception that Instagram is bigger than twitter.

It only is intended to serve a purpose of making it clear to users how fast it has grown. Basically one thing to remember about instagram is that it is owned by Facebook. Who knew it would soon become a way to stay connected to masses or friends other way round and celebrities whom one only fancies in furniture of one’s air? But gender imbalance on instagram leads to a question why men are seen to be less addicted to instagram and women more?


When it comes to expressing a woman love for her family, friends, better half, she is always at her fullest to let herself say whatever is needed by the moments. They are more habitual to post where they spend time? What they did? How much she love him?

And what they are about to eat? Men don’t feel like sharing such minor details on instagram women are more open when it comes to express how they feel. Male are less confident in expressing their loyalty to special ones on sites.


Women are thought to be more conscious about how they look most particularly in photos they have taken to get hundreds of likes on their very favorite  site, instagram. So they always need to know how people reacted about their appearances. How they are being appreciated for their fashion sense. Women like to take more selfies than men which in turn pulls them to instagram.


As per studied by FollowersIn, women are more engaged with what is going on around in fashion world as always aspiring to become a fashionista of her social arena so are obvious to be found mostly on instagram. They are more conscious of brands as compared to the other majority of population hence become an important part of promoting one not only in her circle but  attracting male members too which serves also a  purpose of advertisement for that brand.


From time to time different contour tutorials uploaded on instagram let women learn new techniques in makeup trends and to gather inspiration from faces all around the world. Hence women approach instagram more to learn less-traditional more fresh and unique make up trends. Not only this there is much more she does on instagram as she can purchase her skincare products on instagram online. Instagram has thrown brick-and-mortar shopping and even online browsing to the past through in-app purchasing making it reliable for women to tend more and more towards instagram.

What are the best places to visit in China while traveling?

China is a vast country with great number and variety of attractions.

Beijing travel guide recommended place:

Beijing is China capital for over 700 years and is well-heeled with modern and ancient history. There are many palaces and modern buildings in Beijing.

Recommended attraction in Beijing by many travel guide are:

Wall of China:

The great wall of China is the greatest sight and longest wall in the world. This wall is attractive due to ancient architecture. It was built 2300 years ago in different areas by different states to protect territorial borders. It was built with wisdom, blood, and dedication. The great wall visit is a must. The one should see the hard work of many people who built this wall.

Beijing, Forbidden City:

It is situated in the heart of Beijing. In 1961, it was listed as an important historical monument. It is a best preserved imperial palace, having the largest ancient structure, and essence of Chinese architecture. Tour of Beijing is incomplete without a visit to Forbidden City.

Beijing, Temple of Heaven:

Temple of Heaven is considered to be a holiest temple in Beijing. It is located in the southeast of central Beijing. Built in AD 1420 by Zhu Di in the royal garden. The design of the temple reflects the mystical laws. All the arrangement and building reflects the relationship between earth and sky. It is the very historical place, a travel guide is available to guide you.


Xi’an was the first capital of China. This place has many historical sites.

Travel guide recommended places are:

Terracotta army:

Terracotta army is the most attraction place for every visitor. It is considered to be archaeological sites and one of the greatest discovery in 20 centuries. It has detailed life-sized model’s army that triumphed all other Chinese armies. A historical place interesting sites to view.

Xi’an Mosque:

The great Mosque is located in the center of city and is the largest and important Islamic place. The Mosque is divided into four courtyards.

In the first courtyard, there is a wooden arch, the second courtyard has a stone arch, and the third courtyard contains many sheets of steel from ancient time. The fourth courtyard has a big prayer hall. The mosque is a combination of both Chinese and Islamic art. Travel guide provides you with all information about the mosque.


Shanghai is the largest city in China and can compete New York and Paris regarding modernity. Like Beijing, there are not many sites tourist can visit, but the beauty of this city can not be denied. Some places that travel guide tell us are:


The bund is the symbol and pride of Shanghai, bund is the living museum of the colonial history. Have a walk along the Bund to appreciate this historical building.

Yu Yuan:

It is believed to built 400 years ago. The charming layout, beautiful scenery and creative style have made this garden one of the best place to visit. These are the best places to visit in China and recommended by may travel guide as well.

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