History and architecture of Arab world institute

The French government became aware in the 70s that there is a lack of Arab world representation in France, specially in Paris. Millions of Arab world people are living on the French soil. Still, the people of French are unaware of Arab world culture and arts.

An agreement was made between the France and member of Arab world league, to build a school to cover this gap.

The scale of the project was increased, assigned in the building of the project. In 1984 the construction of Arab world institute started. With the Interior and architecture that no other building have like it.

This Arab world institute was the part of the urban plan.

This institute also aims to promote the cooperation and culture exchange between the France and the Arab world. The important areas of exchange will be science and technology. Libya also joined this agreement latter. It helps a lot the France people to know about the Arab world culture.

The Arab world institute Location where it is situated:

The Arab world institute was built on the confluence of Boulevard to the river Seine, which is near to the bridge which leads to the island. It is built the complex of the faculty science and faculty of literature and humanities.

The concept:

The Arab world institute demonstrates the metaphorical concept of oriental architecture and the middle east. This is the public foundation that aims to promote the Arab world culture and civilization in France, this foundation is funded by both the France and Arab states.

Description about it:

The building construction should be as solid and tight as possible. It should be coordinating with the faculty of humanities and meeting with the faculty of science. The architect is handled to accommodate the neighborhood. This building has a large square and between the huge structure place of a visual break.

The building’s floors:

The lobby is in the center that is covered with four pillars and a steel floor. It has a total of eleven floors above the ground an three underground. They are mid-height. On the fourth floor, there is also a balcony. The underground floors are the auditorium and temporary exhibitions.


The museum of the Arab world institute is located in the north, which covers the several floors. When it was opened, it represents the vibrant view, and view of the geographical area, that was represented by the members of the Arab state.

Arab Institute Library:

One of the pillars of Arab world institute. The library shows the culture and civilization of the Arab world. The collections are written in various languages. The area of reading is divided into three parts.

The structure and material:

The aluminum metal and wall of glass is used as a structure of material. The side of the river is covered with the glass and the south side covered by the metal lattice. These typical lattices are found in the Arab world balconies. These two areas are connected by the elevation bridge. Everyone should visit this institute and see the Arab world culture.