How to share stories on Twitter

Twitter is the one of the most used social media sites, that is very popular nowadays. It’s a way that has connected many people with their friends and family, even though if there are far away. Many youngsters are using this site mostly, it helps them to remain social. New inductions in Twitter have made this site more good and interesting.

Many businesses are using this site for their business purpose. They think its one of the best ways to promote their business products and services. Creating their own page help them to get more likes and comments. Nowadays many business owners buy Twitter followers for their account.

The collection of the videos and pictures that is developed by user, which appears for for 2 to 3 times in 24 hours and then disappear. Twitter stories have begun to rise in many countries. Twitter stories feature in Twitter apps, camera which allow the users to superimpose the fun filters and also the snap-chat. They can also add geolocation tags to their pictures and videos.

Many sites are also available from where you can buy Twitter followers for your account, this trend has been seen many business companies.

The way, stories work:

As simple they will appear on the top of the Twitter news feed. Just tap on friends circle on top to get it.

You can also reply with the direct message when viewing the story.

Add contents:

Approach to camera:

For a Twitter stories creation access to camera or swiping right on mobile Twitter is the way to do.

Your content:

It’s up to you, want you want share, a photo or video. Users of Twitter can share both photos and videos. Once you open the camera, you can record video or click a picture. On it there is also many filters available that can make your picture look more elegant and beautiful. By holding own the button, you can create the video as well.

Share the story:

When you are satisfied with your content, it is the time to share it. Tap your arrow in center select the “your story” and press the spend button. You can also send your Twitter stories to selected friends by sending them a direct message.

The post of your Twitter story will appear for only 24 hours and then disappear. This update is not available to all users, but is being tested in many countries. Twitter has become very popular,even many people buy Twitter followers from different sites.

These Twitter stories have encouraged people to use new original material. People start to use their own original content and images. Also increase in news articles and links also has been seen.

The Twitter stories have introduced the 24 hours stories concept which then disappears. Millions and billions of people use Twitter everyday and mostly  accept videos and pics of their friends and family. Twitter is much a wider network than the other social media site. Concept to buy Twitter followers has been increased.

Author Bio:

The article is written by Social Media Exective Mr. Jax. He is currently providing services to the website and advertising to followers.

What makes Word Game LIVE so much addictive app?

What makes Word Game LIVE so much addictive app to bring so many players together?

Description: it appears you are showing an interest in what makes Word Game LIVE so much addictive app to bring so many players together? In this post, you are likely to get all the information and answers relevantly.


There are many word games which become so many favorites for many players that they decide not to stick with them as much they are getting regular updates. Some games do not manage to bring people together to enjoy, but word game LIVE seems to broke the tradition and brings players from all around the world in one game. It is something that no would have ever thought, but it has become a reality. You can sit in your homes relax and play this one for hours and try to make high scores you want. It is a perfect insanely addicting game where more than thousands of people will play together and sometimes paired against some random opponents.

You can say that if loves to enjoy playing word cookies answers game then this brings whole new experience to the table that you should see for yourself and have endless fun. You can get access to so many different things and depended on your statistics you can get some high achievements to unlock as well.

word game live free

After saying this below we have listed some real facts of what makes word game LIVE so much addictive app to bring so many players together to help you understand what are the rules to play this one, how many levels this one offers at the moment, who is person behind its development, on which devices you can play it for free, does setting cheats will help you, and why you won’t want to miss this one.

  • What are the rules to play this one?

The rules are pretty simple to know, as you need to try to score higher than your opponents and try to make as much as words you can using your brain.

  • How many levels this one offers at the moment?

You have to be careful because it is time you should be worried. At this time the game offers more than 46 different boards and in ‘’word game LIVE all levels’’ you have to score higher to prevent others breaking it.

  • Who is the person behind its development?

This app developed by RJS tech solutions LLP who has so many incredible multiplayer games.

  • On which devices you can play it for free?

The game is available to play on Androids, IOS, and Mac books also PC’s as well (

  • Does setting cheats will help you?

There will always a time comes when you can get confused or can’t find the right letters for that you can set ‘’word game LIVE cheats’’ to get some extra hints to solve puzzles.

  • Why you won’t want to miss this one?

Word game LIVE is specifically for those players who intends to play together online and want to score as high as they can to unlock new things.







Social Media Marketing

In an age when technology and social media dominate, proper use of these wonderful inventions is crucial for success. When used properly, social media can be an unparalleled tool for marketing and networking. For professionals in the acting business, an active social media presence is crucial. Actors can communicate with potential employers such as producers and casting directors via social media. Because of this possibility, it is important for actors to maintain a positive appearance on these platforms. If an actor is constantly complaining about unimportant personal problems on his Twitter, when a casting director looks him up they will see that side of him. This does not give a very good impression and could potentially cost him a job. On the other hand, an actor who uses his Twitter to promote projects and connect with fans will be looked upon much more favorably.

Crafting a Profile

There are many factors to consider when creating a social media profile. On Twitter, many followers will turn on notifications for certain people whom they follow. It is important to keep this in mind. Many people will want to keep these followers and have them continue to receive notifications. To do this, the followers must not feel overwhelmed. They do not want to receive twenty notifications each day from the same person. It is important to keep a moderate amount of posts. In the same way that some would be irritated by constant posting, others would be irritated with posts only once or twice a month.

On social media platforms such as Facebook that feature a profile page, this is a crucial first impression. A profile picture is meant to give followers an idea of the person whom they are following. A picture of a flower or a smiley face does no good here. The best option is a friendly-looking image of the person who runs the account. If it is an account for a company or organization, the icon or logo is a good choice. Cover photos are another opportunity for a taste of what the account is about. For actors, the cover photo is also an opportunity to promote a current project.


As previously mentioned, it is important to be mindful of the frequency of posts. The content is also important. For businesses, sponsored posts that clearly explain the business are useful in moderation. The occasional informational post will remind followers about the business, but when they become too frequent they are annoying or get tuned out. Periodically posting positive reviews is a good alternative. This reminds followers about the business without being repetitive. An added benefit of posting reviews is that it makes the reviewer feel included and valued. For individuals, followers want to be able to relate, so it is important to portray a certain level of humanity. Professionalism is also important, however. Content should be worth reading. Speaking up for a cause is different from complaining about an ex-girlfriend. Actors and other public figures can use their following to help others as well as for personal gains.

On many social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook, posts with pictures are more eye-catching than those that contain only text. Not all posts should include a picture, but they are beneficial when used appropriately. In the same vein, text posts that are too long (such as those that merit a “read more” button on Facebook) are easily overlooked. Followers want to read content, but only if it does not require extra effort or time. This is one way that social media has been a detriment to society. Attention spans, especially for posts on social media, are extremely short. If someone does not know what a post is about in the first three seconds of looking at it, chances are they will move on without reading the rest. Twitter is very good at avoiding this problem. The character limit attempts to keep posts short enough to be read consistently. There are ways to get around the limit (e.g. strings of tweets, screenshots of more text, etc.), but these methods should be used sparingly or these posts will also be passed over in favor of shorter ones.

Followers and Following

There truly is no one clear way to attain followers, but the aforementioned methods can help. Another thing to consider is who to follow. For actors, it is often beneficial to follow other industry professionals – other actors as well as producers, directors, and casting directors. If a director is thinking about casting an actor and discovers he already follows him on Twitter, that could give the actor an advantage, or at least cast him in a better light. Following people that could potentially become colleagues or industry contacts is always a good idea, even if they are not an actual friend or acquaintance. The lines here are a little blurry, but it is generally easier to follow someone on Twitter or Instagram than to try to get them to accept a friend request on Facebook. Many people feel that Facebook should be used for more personal matters while Twitter can be more professional, but this is completely a matter of personal preference.

Sponsorships and Product Promotion

Some celebrities use their posts to promote products or services. This is risky territory. While it may be lucrative to be paid by a company in return for featuring their product in a post, followers often see these posts only as advertisements and can find them annoying. The text that goes with a post such as this is important. When it simply states the name of the product or “I love it,” it appears to be an ad. Other times, a personal touch can make a post seem more like genuine excitement about the product (even if it really is an ad). Consider this (real) example: “This lip balm by winky_lux is amazing! It works with your natural pH to create the perfect shade of pink for you. And it has a flower in it mean how cute thanks to octoly for sending it to me to try and share my opinion!” The first two sentences alone would seem like an advertisement only. The personal touch comes in the excitement about the flower in it. While the caps lock can sometimes be perceived as shouting and unnecessary, this post seems more like she was actually excited about the product.

In conclusion, social media is a beneficial tool for marketing and networking, provided it is used in an exciting and professional manner.

The Real Reason Behind More Female Engagement On Social Media

To remain active on social media has become an essential part of every one of us namely for both men and women. Instagram is gaining more popularity now-a-days as it serves as a platform of image-sharing network.  Fact is that its users have become almost 30 million more than Twitter 68 per cent of its users is female. This comparison between the two sites does not provide a basis of misconception that Instagram is bigger than twitter.

It only is intended to serve a purpose of making it clear to users how fast it has grown. Basically one thing to remember about instagram is that it is owned by Facebook. Who knew it would soon become a way to stay connected to masses or friends other way round and celebrities whom one only fancies in furniture of one’s air? But gender imbalance on instagram leads to a question why men are seen to be less addicted to instagram and women more?


When it comes to expressing a woman love for her family, friends, better half, she is always at her fullest to let herself say whatever is needed by the moments. They are more habitual to post where they spend time? What they did? How much she love him?

And what they are about to eat? Men don’t feel like sharing such minor details on instagram women are more open when it comes to express how they feel. Male are less confident in expressing their loyalty to special ones on sites.


Women are thought to be more conscious about how they look most particularly in photos they have taken to get hundreds of likes on their very favorite  site, instagram. So they always need to know how people reacted about their appearances. How they are being appreciated for their fashion sense. Women like to take more selfies than men which in turn pulls them to instagram.


As per studied by FollowersIn, women are more engaged with what is going on around in fashion world as always aspiring to become a fashionista of her social arena so are obvious to be found mostly on instagram. They are more conscious of brands as compared to the other majority of population hence become an important part of promoting one not only in her circle but  attracting male members too which serves also a  purpose of advertisement for that brand.


From time to time different contour tutorials uploaded on instagram let women learn new techniques in makeup trends and to gather inspiration from faces all around the world. Hence women approach instagram more to learn less-traditional more fresh and unique make up trends. Not only this there is much more she does on instagram as she can purchase her skincare products on instagram online. Instagram has thrown brick-and-mortar shopping and even online browsing to the past through in-app purchasing making it reliable for women to tend more and more towards instagram.